They get their hands on $ 68 million worth of bitcoins … but without the private key – German police scowl

A lost treasure… definitely? – 2 years ago, the German authorities confiscated more than 50 million euros ($ 60 million) of bitcoins from a crook. Since then, the culprit has served his sentence, but German justice still does not have access to bitcoins.

A nice catch, but without a password

The German authorities have learned, the hard way, that cryptography is a formidably efficient process.

Indeed, the German courts had “confiscated” more than 1,700 bitcoins from a scammer, and the man was sentenced to 2 years in prison for having installed malware without the knowledge of his victims, in order to use their resources to mine bitcoin .

This extreme bitcoiner has since been released in early February, but has never revealed his private key to the authorities

As a result, the 1,700 bitcoins, which have quadrupled in value since his incarceration, are likely lost forever. German authorities have reportedly tried to force the private key on several occasions, but without success – although details of the steps taken by the authorities have not been leaked.

According to statements made to Reteurs, the man still refuses to communicate his password. Suddenly, he will not have access to his digital treasure. Despite this, he seems determined that no other person will touch him.