I would be happy if as many as possible take advantage of this opportunity

Anyone who has been reading this for a little longer knows that I have a great interest in the public being informed as well and comprehensively as possible about Onecoin and the background to this cryptic multi-level marketing „cryptocurrency project“ being clarified .

In this respect, almost exactly a year ago , I was very pleased with the widely acclaimed and rightly praised BBC podcast The Missing Cryptoqueen , for whose audio-visual implementation the film rights have now even been sold .

Today BuzzFeedNews , the investigative research part of the media network, with Bitcoin Lifestyle was able to steal billions, although banks had informed the authorities, another important journalism piece has been published, which I would like to refer to. On the one hand because it is well written and contains a lot of new details and background information. No wonder. After all, there has been a whole year of intensive discussion on the basis of partly exclusive material behind it.

Call for contact to everyone who feels damaged

On the other hand, that’s not all. Just like with The Missing Cryptoqueen , today’s publication does not mean the end of the research, but rather initiates the next stage. From now on with the help of the public in the form of information and stories from people who have direct Onecoin contact. Because the BuzzFeedNews team calls on all those who feel they are victims or victims of Onecoin to get in touch and contribute to further clarification.

Since a lot of people wrote to me in the course of my own dispute with Onecoin to whom this description probably applies, I would also like to ask you to take this opportunity

Even if BuzzFeed once became big as a clickbaiting platform, its German-speaking investigative department is staffed with well-known and outstanding journalists, whose previous work you can see for yourself quickly and easily online. So you don’t have to be afraid of ending up as a listicle between cat pictures, you can help bring everything about Onecoin to light!