Crypto Addiction: Dreams of Easy Money Lead to Isolation and Debt

• A therapist at Castle Craig clinic reported a sharp rise in ‚crypto trading addiction‘ cases.
• The health crisis has caused an increase of people spending more time online, leading to isolation and addiction to crypto trading.
• Crypto dreams can soon turn into nightmares with compulsive betting and debt.

Sharp Rise of Crypto Trading Addiction

A therapist at the Castle Craig clinic reported a sharp rise in „crypto trading addiction“ cases since 2016. Tony Marini, who heads the gambling, gaming, and cryptocurrency trading behavioral addiction therapy program at the Scotland-based clinic since 2013 said he had treated approximately 200 people for crypto addiction.

Health Crisis Compounds Issues

The health crisis has compounded crypto addiction issues by increasing the time people spent online and promoting isolation particularly among young men. Marini drew strong parallels between crypto trading and gambling saying both lead „to exactly the same places.“ He added that the allure of making (easy)money also lures many unsuspecting victims into this type of addiction.

Crypto Dreams Turn Into Nightmares

When losses pile up, depression kicks in and addicts withdraw from their social network becoming cut off from real life as they compulsively bet once more in a bid to win back losses. This behavioral pattern often leads to detachment from reality, isolation and debt which are common traits associated with crypto addictions.

Treatment for Crypto Addicts

Marini encourages those affected by crypto addictions to seek help as early as possible before it is too late. He suggests that family members should be aware of any warning signs such as excessive phone use or isolated behavior so they can intervene before it gets worse.


Cryptocurrency is still a relatively new technology but its potential for misuse is immense if not kept under control with proper education and monitoring of usage trends/patterns by governments & individuals alike . As awareness about these issues grows we must make sure that appropriate measures are taken to protect investors from falling prey to unscrupulous characters or deceptive practices that may lead them down a dark path towards financial ruin & despair