Blockchain and companies in Spain: Seminar on e-government


On July 30th, at 7 pm (Madrid time), a seminar on how to govern and finance a Bitcoin Circuit company digitally will be held from Spain. It will be given by Rafael del Castillo, from Stocken Capital. This was reported from NWC10 Lab.

According to the organizers, this seminar is part of the special series „Companies and Blockchain“.

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„It will show us the main problems that all companies have due to the difficulty in their creation (or already created) to perform such important tasks as capital inflows, new partners, distribution of dividends, holding meetings or capital increases,“ they said.

Rafael del Castillo is the legal head of Stocken Capital and an expert in Blockchain technology. He will explain the existing problems and the possible solution to obtain financing, governance, and efficiency digitally in a company with tools that are already within our reach.

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A platform for management and financing
Stocken Capital is an initiative that seeks to enable the digitalization of company shares through a tokenization procedure, and this in turn on blockchain technology. Recently, Cointelegraph en Español spoke with Carlos Callejo, who heads the technical area of the project, to learn more details.

„The platform facilitates telematic corporate management with guarantees and full legal validity. It is an integral solution, both technical and legal, for the digitalization of companies, enabling an individual intra-corporate platform that allows the management of calls to the general meeting, telematic voting, management of the register of partners, distribution of dividends or the purchase and sale of shares,“ said Callejo.

They claim that blockchain technology will provide more security for B2B Safe

„The tokenization of shares is done through a public blockchain. This technology makes it possible to digitize participation by enabling mechanisms for the exercise of political and economic rights inherent in the legal status of the partner, creating a reliable, traceable, agile and secure record for all parties involved,“ he added later.

When asked for more details about the operation, he explained: „The digital company’s partner has the possibility of accessing in real time from any device for the management of his relationship with the company he owns. The benefits of the digitalization of the company through Stocken Capital are multiple: cost reduction, reduction of time in carrying out the procedures, reduction of corporate conflicts and commercial litigation, it provides means of proof of the transactions executed and increases communication between the company and its partners. But the biggest advantage of such a platform is that it provides an important liquidity mechanism both for a company wishing to attract financing and for a partner wishing to undo its position in a given company“.