Bitcoin Soars Above $28K, Commands 49% Market Share

• Bitcoin has surged again to above $28,000 and commands 49% of the crypto market share.
• Gemini eyes Asia-Pacific markets as US regulatory pressures intensify.
• Uniswap founder calls US’ approach to regulating crypto ‘sad and unfortunate’

Bitcoin Price Surges Again

Bitcoin has surged back above $28,000, commanding 49% of the crypto market share as altcoins struggle. This surge in price has triggered a wave of institutional interest with BlackRock filing for a Bitcoin ETF and Deutsche Bank applying for a digital asset custody license in Germany.

Gemini Eyes Asia-Pacific Markets

Gemini is expanding its operations into the Asia-Pacific region as US regulatory pressures continue to mount. This move will enable them to capitalize on the growing demand for cryptocurrencies in the region while avoiding US regulations that could potentially hamper their growth.

Uniswap Founder Criticizes US Regulations

Uniswap founder Hayden Adams said that many countries around the world are taking steps to „study DeFi and understand it“ but the U.S. is mostly using it for „political grandstanding, unfortunately“. Adams also suggested that Uniswap may set up offices outside of the U.S., citing increasing regulatory uncertainty in the country as one of his main reasons for doing so.

US Falling Behind Other Countries

Adams further noted that other countries such as France and the UK are more thoughtful in their approach to regulating and interacting with DeFi projects than those in the United States, leaving America behind when it comes to embracing new technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency.


In conclusion, Bitcoin’s recent surge along with increased institutional interest has created an environment where regulatory pressures are intensifying across various jurisdictions including those within the United States. While some countries have been proactive in studying DeFi projects and making sure they operate within their laws, others have not been so quick to embrace this new technology which can be seen from Uniswap founder Hayden Adams‘ criticism towards US regulations being less thoughtful than those elsewhere around the globe.